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Welcome to the Micromon Adventures Wiki. Started by IamMrAniMaL and added to by his guild, AnimalArmy. These guys are definite forerunners in the knowledge of the game and helping the community develop further.

Credit will be given to anyone who submits an article for use in the Wiki.

List of contents

0-250k Powerlevelling Guide for New Players By IamMrAniMaL

Breaking Pokémon

Held Items Guide

MrTankerson's Full Pokémon Tier List

MrTankerson's Team Composition Guide

Pokémon Master Guide for VIP0 - By MrTankerson

Recharging: What it means and a run down of the buyable cards

What You Need to Know about Assist by Onyxae

The Main Task Bar

Assist Pokémon and Stat Priority for VIP0 - By Marcus Reapcus


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